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Our Courses
New Appointment- Terry Simmons

Hexis are pleased to announce the new Head of Business Terry Simmons, Terry has over 30 years’ experience and a proven track record of developing businesses within the Energy sector.

Hexis offers fully-accredited, bespoke training courses for the Renewables sector from locations in Lowestoft, England and Ayrshire, Scotland.

We offer clients a comprehensive suite of Wind Turbine Maintenance and Statutory Inspection courses.

“Bringing Terry onboard is a key milestone in the journey for Hexis as a leader in training the Energy sector”
Hexis Opens Second Training Centre In The UK

Windlogix has recently acquired Hexis Training and with this we are pleased to announce our renewable technical and safety training facility Hexis, will now operate from two centres which are located in Irvine and Lowestoft.

Hexis’ aim is to be the trusted technical service partner to the wind industry and to build a sustainable future through renewable training. 

Hexis offers a full-suite training solution which provides trainees with all of the required knowledge to engage in a career within the wind-power industry.

Hexis understands that ensuring a competent, confident and accredited workforce is critical to supporting the acceleration of the world’s energy mix towards renewables.

This is an exciting and important milestone for Hexis. Windhoist Training look forward to welcoming their existing and new delegates under the Hexis brand.
Hexis gains ECITB accreditation for Wind Turbine Statutory Maintenance and Inspection Training
We are excited to announce that HEXIS are the FIRST and ONLY company approved to deliver this newly created, industry specific and fully accredited course for statutory inspection and maintenance on wind farm support systems.
From pioneering the standards alongside a working group of industry experts, we are proud to be in the position to finally be able to make a positive impact on the industry from the comfort of our state-of-the-art facility based in East Coast College in Lowestoft.

“The ECITB statutory inspection standards have been specifically developed for the offshore wind sector in response to operational concerns about standards of competence in the field. In their development, experts from across the sector have come together to produce a comprehensive framework which will raise the standard of competency in the field, providing assurance to inspection providers and operators alike.”
John Brooke – Cohort Member
“From what was an initial idea in Stowen’s board room, this journey of not only approval’ but pioneering this suite of standards alongside industry experts has been a challenge but also a privilege to be part of. Offshore wind Inspection technicians can now be trained to a level not only recognised by the industry but designed by the industry.”
Kieron Ford- Business Development Director-Stowen
Hexis gains GWO accreditation for Basic Safety training
If you would like to train at one of the country’s most realistic, environmental simulators for Sea Survival or on industry standard ladders and working at height equipment then we are delighted to announce that HEXIS is NOW a fully accredited GWO training provider, able to offer the full basic training and basic safety training refresher courses using our state-of-the-art facility located in Lowestoft and Irvine. With a strong experienced team at the helm, we guarantee nothing but the best!
New Appointment – Dave Carter
Hexis announces the appointment of Dave Carter, Training Manager effective from 29th April 2021

Dave has extensive experience in the creation and delivery of both accredited and bespoke training courses across the energy spectrum. Specialising in Technical and Safety related courses, shared with his passion for training, will only result in Hexis continuing to deliver the highest level of training standards.
Mission statement
Driven by raising the level of standards and competency across the energy sectors, whilst creating opportunities for individuals to unlock their future.
A training academy located in Lowestoft Suffolk delivering a range of industry-led accredited and bespoke courses, specialising in Renewables, Oil & Gas and Nuclear.
Mathew Owen - Wind Turbine Maintenance and Statutory Inspection
Mathew Owen – Wind Turbine Maintenance and Statutory Inspection
As a key service provider for the offshore energy markets Stowen Group is required to ensure its personnel are upskilled and competent. Utilising the expertise of Hexis enables us to continuously deploy our highly skilled workforce, confident that they are able to work safely within their challenging environments.
Elliot Read - Wind Turbine Maintenance and Statutory Inspection
Elliot Read – Wind Turbine Maintenance and Statutory Inspection
Fantastic modern facilities, trainer was very knowledgeable and engaging.